The Elizabeth Swann cruising along the Amazon to Manaus




The 'Elizabeth Swann' is a solar assisted, hydrogen powered ship that is thought to be the fastest in the world, and the most advanced technologically. She was inspired by the character, Elizabeth Swann, in the Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies, (played by Keira Knightley). Though, we know of a lady of the same name who lives in England.


The Swann is equipped with a stunning array of ocean instruments, that makes her invaluable for underwater surveys and other surface marine tasks, under the command of her rugged ocean conservationist captain: John Storm. A man of many talents, who becomes physically and mentally enhanced during his adventures.


The Elizabeth Swann is autonomously piloted by Captain Nemo, named after the Captain of the Nautilus in Jules Verne's classic: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. A stand alone unmanned navigation system. The ship is monitored by an artificially intelligent (AI) computer named Hal, after Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke's character in 2001: Space Oddysey


The ship is a real trimaran design study, with quotes for build in high grade 5083 marine alloy and other high strength materials, to include electric pod thrusters, solar wings that track the sun, and a fuel cell system to utilize hydrogen in many forms, to generate electricity for her submerged drives. The ship is Plastic-Free.




AI - Artificial Intelligence

Ant Man - Scott Lang

Aquaman - DC comics aquatic superhero (WBD) - Arthur Curry

Ark, The - The interactive DNA database developed by John Storm

Bard - How might an Investor, Film Angel, or Producer extol the virtues of the John Storm Franchise? Google AI Chatbot

Batman - Bruce Wayne DC comics superhero

BioCore - Biological implant for the human brain that allows wireless communications to digital devices

Captain America - Steve Rogers

Captain Nemo - The COLREGs compliant, autonomous navigation system on the Elizabeth Swann

Charley Temple - Investigative new reporter and adventurer

Chatbots: Cleopatra The Mummy - Kulo Luna

Cleopatra's Mummy [Bing & Bard chatbots]

Cleopatra Reborn - The ancient Egyptian Queen is digitally and biologically reincarnated, rising from the dead as Isis

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Copyright - Why is it king in Hollywood?

CyberCore Genetica - The world's fastest and most powerful nano-supercomputer

Cybernetics - Artificial Intelligence, Cyborgs, Cybernetic organisms and Robots

Dan Hawk - Computer and electronics genius, and crew of the Elizabeth Swann

DC Comics - Warner Bros. Discovery

DCMS - Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport, UK Government - Creative growth competitions 2023

Elizabeth Swann - A hydrogen and solar powered ship

Excalibur - The onboard laser cannon weapon system

Frankenstein Vs Cleopatra - Professor Krafenstein (Baron Victor VI) resurrects the Egyptian queen from DNA

George Franks - Solicitor advocate, Trustee and legal eagle from Franks, Swindles & Gentry

Hal - The AI supercomputer onboard the Elizabeth Swann

Hulk, The Incredible - Dr Bruce Banner

Innerspace - Deep blue submerged cities, life below the waves

Innerspace - Movie from 1987, starring Douglas Quaid, Amblin Entertainment

Innovate UK - Government agency aimed at kickstarting new businesses

Iron Man - Tony Stark

Jameson Hunter Limited - Publishing SME

Jeep Cherokee - John Storm's classic rugged all terrain vehicle: Engine; No Plate; Winch

Jimmy Watson's Magic Dinobot - A story about a giant robot ant that comes to life Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4

John Storm - A marine conservationist, paleoantropologist, and explorer

John Storm - Battle Picture Weekly & Eagle comics 1987

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Kulo Luna - A giant humpback whale [Bing & Bard Chatbots]

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Merlin: Onboard weapons system comprised of Excalibur (lazer) and Pendragon (tazer)

Operation Neptune - Tracking down a stolen nuclear submarine leads to the discovery of The Lost City of Atlantis

Options - Film, Television and Video production licensing

Outerspace - The opposite of inner-space (not quite)

Pendragon - The integrated anti-pirate tazer system, aboard the Elizabeth Swann

Plagiarism - Intentional and unintentional copyright theft

Plastic Free - The John Storm Franchise is Single-use and GRP Plastics Free

Popular Mechanics - Hybrid consciousness, computer enhanced human brains 11 July 2024

Professor Douglas Storm - John's genius uncle

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Superman - Clark Kent as DC's superhero from Krypton

The Holy Compass

Trademarks - Cleopatra, Classes 16, 25, 28, 41, 45

                    Elizabeth Swann

                    John Storm

                    Kulo Luna 

                    Solar Cola 


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WW3Cyber World War Three, thermonuclear holocaust - an original John Storm adventure




John Storm rescues a giant humpabck whale and her calf          A religious Nazi sect plan to reincarnate Cleopatra                           



The Elizabeth Swann is to feature in a trilogy of original stories being developed by the Cleaner Ocean Foundation, by way of ocean and climate awareness campaigns.








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